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Sometimes as preppers we acquire a lot of gear. Some of that gear eventually no longer makes the cut for SHTF. But, what do you do with all of the extra gear when it no longer has a place? In preparation for TEOTWAWKI we have to feel like the gear we choose will get us through for a long, long time!

Universal has decided to cancel, "The Hunt". A movie about liberal elites hunting "deplorables" in a most dangerous game style fashion. I don't care how bad SHTF gets, we have to stop censoring things! Even if we don't like them.

So LASIK or Laser Eye Surgery is one of the best prepping investments I have ever made. I survived the horrifying ordeal which I would assume mirrors the experience of an alien abduction. And man, was it worth it! Before SHTF happens or TEOTWAWKI goes down, get yourself some LASIK so you don't have to survive while blind.

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