Prepping, Survival, YouTube Videos, TEOTWAWKI Blog & SHTF Discussion!

Prepping, Survival, YouTube Videos, TEOTWAWKI Blog & SHTF Discussion!

Prepping, Survival, YouTube Videos, TEOTWAWKI Blog & SHTF Discussion!Prepping, Survival, YouTube Videos, TEOTWAWKI Blog & SHTF Discussion!
Magic Prepper Gun Mat for cleaning all of your SHTF prepper firearms! Rubber back prevents slippage.

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Magic Prepper Gun Mat / Play Mat/ Over-Sized Mouse Pad


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This gun mat is the perfect addition to your work bench or desk. It's rubber backing is non-slip and gives you a perfect surface for your firearms or any other valuable item you don't want scratched or dinged. Plus, it's 100% machine washable! Get yours today and help support the Magic Prepper YouTube channel. It's greatly appreciated.
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Central Florida Prepper's Emergency Fire Starter Kit

CFP's Emergency Fire Starter Kit

CFP's Emergency Fire Starter Kit

CFP's Emergency Fire Starter Kit

The Central Florida Prepper Emergency Fire Starter Kit is a great way to make fire in an emergency.

Central Florida Prepper spent a lot of time and effort developing an emergency fire starter kit to give survivalists a way to create fire easily in adverse environments. This kit contains everything you need to start a fire in almost any conditions imaginable!

Where to Buy One?

CFP's Emergency Fire Starter Kit

CFP's Emergency Fire Starter Kit

Prescott Caliber Club is an amazing online store for preppers, gun owners, survivalists and more!

If you are interested in buying the Central Florida Prepper Emergency Fire Starter Kit, visit Prescott Caliber Club to purchase your fire starter kit or anything else you might need related to prepping, survivalism, firearms and more!

X-Frame Revolver Grips & How To Change Them

Do you have a Smith & Wesson X-Frame revolver? Maybe a S&W 500 or S&W 460? If you do, check out this video on how you can change the grips out, and what size will fit for your X-Frame revolver.

Are We Doing Enough To Stop The Spread of The Coronavirus?

Are we taking the appropriate steps to stop the spread of COVID-19? Or are we taking too much time to actually take the measures necessary to get things done? You tell me!

Democrat Agenda Kills Jobs in Oil

The economic stimulus was an important bill to pass in order to help Americans that need help the most. Unfortunately, they left one key ingredient behind in the relief effort. Oil. The oil industry is about to crash and 100's of high paying jobs will go with it.

Check Your Bug Out Bag while you Stay Home #WithMe

Use this stay at home time to your advantage! Go ahead and check your bug out bags, make sure your preps are in order and  get rid of anything that may be expired or no longer in working order!

Will they confiscate supplies? Are preppers being targeted?

Here are 3 things to watch out for that are currently happening right now. They haven't hit the level of SHTF yet but, some of the messaging being telegraphed right now is concerning. We have to be vigilant and open minded about what may come next.

New SHTF Gun Owner? What Did You Miss?

Here is a video I made specifically for new gun owners that just went out and purchased their first handgun because of the current crisis we are all experiencing. If you just became a new gun totin bad ass, check this video out so you can get everything you need!

Martial Law 2020

Martial 2020 is on the horizon and the interstates are ready to be locked down. Are you ready to be kept in one place for a long period of time?

LOCKDOWN of the United States of American INCOMING

Are we headed towards a lockdown? What will run out next? These are questions we are all asking currently when it comes to this current crisis. Please, don't panic but prepare the best you can. As a SHTF prepper, this is what we get ready for!

Martial Law Imminent

My first hosted Live Stream on YouTube about the Imminent Martial Law Declaration.

Panic is the new Pandemic

Panic is in full effect and the pandemic we are worried about has nothing to do with the worst thing that can come from it. Panicked, desperate people with toilet paper needs.

Is there ever enough ammo for SHTF?

How much ammo is enough for SHTF? And what type of ammunition should you stockpile for SHTF? There are a lot of answers on how you'll spend the end of the world but, how many bullets do you need to get through and survive TEOTWAWKI?

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