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Do you have your plans ready for what you'll do right after SHTF? It's going to be a scary, chaotic time and you have be ready for what comes next. As a prepper if you do not have these plans in place, you might stumble quite a bit during the initial disaster.

Is the scope on backwards? NO! People in the PUBG community as well as in my own comments section think that the scopes in PUBG are backwards and that my scope mounted on my DB10 is backwards. They aren't backwards! Holy cow!

Look, if you live in California I am sorry. You are not the reason the state has become a shit hole. But, you have to admit it is basically a 3rd world country now. Just my thoughts! This is how SHTF starts.

Asymmetrical Preparedness asked for a video response to his SHTF Scenario Challenge video. So here it is! My 3 SHTF Events. Preppers gotta prep.

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