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Giving you guys a channel update! We are moving houses which is sacrificing some of our OPSEC for better quality of life. So, in SHTF, we will have less security yet, better quality of life in the mean time.

Why Does Fear Porn Sell?

Why does Fear Porn sell? It is a topic you hear about all over YouTube constantly! It's out of control! And preppers love to say we hate it. Except, we don't. ;)

Surefire Stiletto EDC Upgrade

The Surefire Stiletto is an awesome flashlight that is made in the USA! It has replaced my previous EDC light and is now the one I carry every single day, Also, if you are a SHTF Prepper and need great everyday carry gear, please visit and try to help support an awesome company!

1,000 Subscriber Giveaway Winner Announcement! (Ended 1/1/20

Winners of the 1,000 Subscriber Giveaway are announced! Thanks to all of your for your support and have a happy new year 2020!!!!

Texas Church Shooting : Always Carry!

This video addresses the West Freeway Church of Christ shooting that occured in White Settlement, TX in December of 2019. This event was horrible but, it demonstrated exactly why we always need to carry,

Central Florida Prepper's Emergency Fire Starter Kit

CFP's Emergency Fire Starter Kit

The Central Florida Prepper Emergency Fire Starter Kit is a great way to make fire in an emergency.

Central Florida Prepper spent a lot of time and effort developing an emergency fire starter kit to give survivalists a way to create fire easily in adverse environments. This kit contains everything you need to start a fire in almost any conditions imaginable!

Where to Buy One?

Prescott Caliber Club is an amazing online store for preppers, gun owners, survivalists and more!

If you are interested in buying the Central Florida Prepper Emergency Fire Starter Kit, visit Prescott Caliber Club to purchase your fire starter kit or anything else you might need related to prepping, survivalism, firearms and more!

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