Prepping, Survival, YouTube Videos, TEOTWAWKI Blog & SHTF Discussion!

Prepping, Survival, YouTube Videos, TEOTWAWKI Blog & SHTF Discussion!

Prepping, Survival, YouTube Videos, TEOTWAWKI Blog & SHTF Discussion!Prepping, Survival, YouTube Videos, TEOTWAWKI Blog & SHTF Discussion!

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The speed that the medical supplies ran out in relation to this pandemic we are currently facing should concern everyone. Please make sure you prepare supplies BEFORE!!

Bug Out Bag Under $20

Can't afford a bug out bag? Have twenty bucks? Here is a video that shows what you can do with a bug out bag for less than $20!!!!

What will you die for in SHTF?

What are you willing to die for in SHTF? Do you know what your limits are? Or do you think this is an easy choice for you? Definitely something you should consider pre-collapse so you can be ready to make those decisions.

Cytac R-Defender Series Holster Review

 The Cytac R-Defender Series of holsters seems to be a decent pick up for the price! If you have any questions about the holster or universal double magazine pouch featured in this video, leave a comment below! Or, visit <--- For the holster or <--- For the Magazine Carrier 

SHTF Denial Is a Problem

A lot of people out there think that SHTF could never happen. They also think that preppers are crazy people who are paranoid and waste their time and money. Either way, if you know a SHTF denier, please share this video with them so we can help those less fortunate.

How I Stay Prepared Everyday for SHTF

Never forget your EDC at home again! If SHTF was to happen and you didn't have all of your everyday carry gear, would you feel like you were in a good position?

Is there ever enough ammo for SHTF?

How much ammo is enough for SHTF? And what type of ammunition should you stockpile for SHTF? There are a lot of answers on how you'll spend the end of the world but, how many bullets do you need to get through and survive TEOTWAWKI?

Money Keeps the Coronavirus Spreading

When in doubt, follow the money. The Wuhan Coronavirus is being allowed to spread further and further in order to have less of an economic impact on the global economy. Learn from this, in  a real SHTF scenario, we are in the backseat to the dollar.

Coronavirus Spreads Across Globe (Viral SHTF?)

An update video about the Wuhan Virus ( Coronavirus ) and the fact that it is spreading around the globe! Is this the start of a global pandemic?

Coronavirus Quarantine

With the Wuhan Virus from China starting to spread across the globe, we need to discuss the possibility of a quarantine in the USA. SHTF from pandemic is always on the list of ways we may see TEOTWAWKI.

What Will You Become After SHTF?

What will we become after SHTF? I recently saw a dog that had clearly lost it's mind and was eating a dead deer. And all I could think was, "what will happen to us after a collapse? Will we be that dog?"

Moving and OPSEC for Preppers

Giving you guys a channel update! We are moving houses which is sacrificing some of our OPSEC for better quality of life. So, in SHTF, we will have less security yet, better quality of life in the mean time.

Central Florida Prepper's Emergency Fire Starter Kit

CFP's Emergency Fire Starter Kit

The Central Florida Prepper Emergency Fire Starter Kit is a great way to make fire in an emergency.

Central Florida Prepper spent a lot of time and effort developing an emergency fire starter kit to give survivalists a way to create fire easily in adverse environments. This kit contains everything you need to start a fire in almost any conditions imaginable!

Where to Buy One?

Prescott Caliber Club is an amazing online store for preppers, gun owners, survivalists and more!

If you are interested in buying the Central Florida Prepper Emergency Fire Starter Kit, visit Prescott Caliber Club to purchase your fire starter kit or anything else you might need related to prepping, survivalism, firearms and more!

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