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Here you'll find all the videos that Magic Prepper has produced. The content revolves around gear reviews, everyday carry, survival prepping for SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, Apocalypse, Disaster, Grid Down, Societal Collapse. War, Food Shortages & more.

Bug Out Bag Get Home Edition

 Tore apart my Bug Out Bag and Get Home Bag to do an inventory and decided to share with you all what I have in my bag in order to survive the journey home. A bug out bag is packed for surviving an emergency that requires to leave your location. A get home bag is the same as a bug out bag with a more focused purpose on returning to your location or origin. As a prepper, you try to prepare for any kind of SHTF event that may occur. A common occurrence is a vehicle breakdown. 

Bug Out Bag WROL Edition

A video about my Big Time Bug Out Bag for SHTF! This is the one where if I need to leave the house for my bug out location, I'm grabbing this pack! Every prepper knows they need a bug out bag but, what's in yours? Let me know what kind of survival gear or prepper items you keep in your bug out kit in case of TEOTWAWKI!

SHTF Food Storage

A quick how to guide for storing food for longer term, SHTF survival purposes. A Prepper has to have food available in order to survive the collapse we all prepare for. This is a budget friendly way to get started with storing food for the apocalypse.

Central Florida Prepper Fire Starter Kit

Check out Central Florida Prepper's Emergency Fire Starter Kit! It is a great fire starter kit for your SHTF bug out bag. Every prepper needs a way to make fire so, it might as well be using this kit!

Best SHTF Machete Ever (Thanks Will Patriot)

Will Patriot made me a machete for SHTF like you've never seen before! This thing is awesome. And guess what? It's made by a prepper, for a prepper. I won his 1000 subscriber giveaway and the prizes I received are amazing for survival. Best Zombie Machete Ever? I think yes.

Lifestraw Sucks

Every prepper knows what LifeStraw is however, is it a viable option for a SHTF water filtration device? Do you have one in your bug out bag? In an emergency, hydration can be life or death! Would you bet your life on one?

Emergency Weather Radio

You know those emergency weather radios? Well they are a lot better now than they used to be! Good enough for survival during SHTF though? A prepping tool? 

EDC Tray Pocket Dump

If you are a prepper, then you have EDC Gear on you everyday! I use an EDC Tray to keep my everyday carry gear nice and organized all while keeping up with my routine! If you carry the gear, get the tray! Also, visit if you want to pick one up!

Sawyer Mini Inline Water Filter Install

Have you wanted to install your Sawyer Mini inline on your hydration bladder but don't know how? Then this video is for you! For long term SHTF,  a prepper needs to have a quality water source that they can rely on. Attaching a water filter inline to your hydration bladder not only insures cleaner drinking water but, also provides a faster way of hydrating out in the proverbial S. 

Winter Truck EDC Gear

Snowing in April so might as well do a Winter EDC for your Truck video!

Sawyer Mini vs Lifestraw

Alright, I made a follow up video to my LifeStraw Sucks Literally video so I could better explain why I prefer the Sawyer Mini. Both of these filters work as bug out bag water filters in case of SHTF. Both protect you from the same contaminants. The Sawyer just has more options and capabilities for the same price. Easy Money.

First Video Ever, EDC Pocket Dump

This video is an introduction to the channel as well as a stereotypical EDC Pocket Dump with gear review.

LASIK, Best Prep Ever?

So LASIK or Laser Eye Surgery is one of the best prepping investments I have ever made. I survived the horrifying ordeal which I would assume mirrors the experience of an alien abduction. And man, was it worth it! Before SHTF happens or TEOTWAWKI goes down, get yourself some LASIK so you don't have to survive while blind.

Prepper Melee Weapons!

So all of us have ideas about what kind of melee weapons we might use after SHTF. Hand to hand combat is an extremely likely scenario for a prepper to find themselves in post collapse. When TEOTWAWKI comes around, make sure you know what kind of a clobberer you are going to have by your side!

What to do With That Old Prepper Gear?

Sometimes as preppers we acquire a lot of gear. Some of that gear eventually no longer makes the cut for SHTF. But, what do you do with all of the extra gear when it no longer has a place? In preparation for TEOTWAWKI we have to feel like the gear we choose will get us through for a long, long time!

Mylar Emergency Blanket & Shelter

I was offered the opportunity to review the Zmoon Emergency Sleeping Bags and figured, sure why not? I actually like mylar emergency sleeping bags for SHTF or bugging out. I actually keep multiples in all of my bug out bags! If you are a prepper and want to make sure you have the ability to stay warm and build a shelter, this product is for you! We never know what's going to happen in TEOTWAWKI so, get what you can while you can!

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