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Here you'll find all the videos that Magic Prepper has produced. The content revolves around gear reviews, everyday carry, survival prepping for SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, Apocalypse, Disaster, Grid Down, Societal Collapse. War, Food Shortages & more.

How SHTF Starts

How will SHTF start? What will start SHTF? What will the beginning of SHTF look like? These are questions we should be asking regularly. If you arent watching for SHTF to show up at anytime, you might get caught off guard when it does!

Top 5 SHTF Events to be TEOTWAWKI

What are the top 5 most likely ways for a SHTF event to actually cause the end of the world as we know it? (Or TEOTWAWKI for those of us slangsters) Here is my list in order of most likely to usher in the apocalypse. Preppers prepare for all kinds of SHTF events but, mostly they are localized and not able to effect the entire globe. Let me know what you think!

Islands for Bug Out Locations

A lot of preppers in the survival and preparedness community tend to think of islands as a way to escape the masses in a grid down, SHTF scenario. But, this prepper will tell you why that is a bad idea! Islands for bug out? It's a trap! A risk analysis report was recently put out that describes the best islands for quarantine and lock down during a pandemic. Are you on one of those islands?

Survive the Outbreak

What will you do to survive? During a viral outbreak, you might have to make some very hard or difficult choices. If you want to survive a pandemic, you have to prepare now for the decisions you may have to make. As a SHTF prepper, I have thought about this often.

Economic Collapse 2020

Will the Economic Collapse Happen Soon? I think so! 2020 is going to be a crazy year for the economy and more! As a SHTF prepper, make sure you keep your eye on the possible economic collapse as it is one of the greatest threats to our survival in existence! When will the economic collapse occur? I don't know, but I know it will someday. 

Central Florida Prepper Collaboration

Central Florida Prepper joins me for a discussion about the Dangers after SHTF and what not to do if you travel in to the city.

Civil War & Foreign Invasion

Civil War and Foreign Invasion. This is a topic that is extremely relative to our current geopolitical environment. With talk of an American civil war 2.0 as well as the obvious example of Turkey invading Syria in the aftermath of civil war, one can only assume that civil war will always lead to foreign intervention. As a SHTF prepper, you should be prepared for this!

3 SHTF Events (VR to Asymmetrical Preparedness)

Asymmetrical Preparedness asked for a video response to his SHTF Scenario Challenge video. So here it is! My 3 SHTF Events. Preppers gotta prep.

Don't Come to My House for SHTF

Everyone has had that friend who says things like, "In SHTF, I'm coming to your house!" or "When the end of the world happens, I am going to Walmart!" Ok well don't! Please make sure you have the necessary conversations now before SHTF!

Prepper Independence, July 4th Special

For July 4th, 2019 I decided to make a video about Prepper Independence and why freedom is so important to those in the survivalism and preparedness community. America is the best dang country on the planet and today is a great day to celebrate that fact. In SHTF, are you going to go to a FEMA camp? Or are you going to be a red blooded, free American who can make your own survival decisions?

SHTF During Road Trip Vacation

After getting back from vacation, I figured I would make a video about my thoughts on SHTF during vacation and what I learned while on the road. If the collapse occurred during a road trip, would you be prepared? As a prepper, I hope the answer is yes.

Get Home Route for Bug Out

Join me for my daily commute through Theodore Roosevelt National Park and see what my get home bug out route would look like. Man, what an obstacle if there was a SHTF or grid down style event. If I have to hoof it with a BOB, this place is going to make sure it's not easy.

Post SHTF Currency

Discussion on the possibilities of currency after SHTF. Prepping money and economic survival!

World War III Now!

If you are a SHTF prepper, then the idea of World War III should definitely concern you!!! Is WW3 starting right now? Is World War 3 a real threat!? Check out this video to find out!

What Will End the World

What will be the end of the world? Well that is a huge question that preppers have to ask themselves. What are you going to do when it happens? And what end of the world event are your preparing for now? SHTF is a crazy amount of different things that can happen and preparing for all of them is difficult.

California is a S**THOLE

Look, if you live in California I am sorry. You are not the reason the state has become a shit hole. But, you have to admit it is basically a 3rd world country now. Just my thoughts! This is how SHTF starts.

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