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Here you'll find videos that Magic Prepper has produced. The content revolves around gear reviews, everyday carry, survival prepping for SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, Apocalypse, Disaster, Grid Down, Societal Collapse. War, Food Shortages & more. The videos on this page are some of the most popular. At the top you'll find navigation to the rest of the Magic Prepper video library.

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SHTF Information videos for people who are interested in topics based around TEOTWAWKI, Apocalypse

Videos Surrounding SHTF Topics and Scenarios. Meant to keep everyone thinking about the way things might happen!

Firearms Videos



Firearms are at the heart of all prepper survival strategies. For SHTF, you need to have security.

Here you'll find videos based on the topic of Firearms. Guns, ammunition, accessories, philosophy, storage, safety and more!

Survival Gear Videos

SHTF Entertainment Videos

SHTF Entertainment Videos

Bug out bags, survival gear, water purification, prepper life lines. Gear is key in SHTF survival.

Survival gear, bug out bags, water filtration, knives, flashlights, fire starters, multi-tools and more! Gear and survival tools are key to the success of surviving a grid down or SHTF event for the long or short term!

SHTF Entertainment Videos

SHTF Entertainment Videos

SHTF Entertainment Videos

There is a huge industry built on post-apocalyptic, SHTF entertainment. Movies, Games, TV & More.

There is a lot of entertainment revolving around the idea of a post-apocalyptic universe or SHTF events. Although it tends to exaggerate, media can be a good source of thought provoking material.

Bug Out Bag Get Home Edition

 Tore apart my Bug Out Bag and Get Home Bag to do an inventory and decided to share with you all what I have in my bag in order to survive the journey home. A bug out bag is packed for surviving an emergency that requires to leave your location. A get home bag is the same as a bug out bag with a more focused purpose on returning to your location or origin. As a prepper, you try to prepare for any kind of SHTF event that may occur. A common occurrence is a vehicle breakdown. 

How SHTF Starts

How will SHTF start? What will start SHTF? What will the beginning of SHTF look like? These are questions we should be asking regularly. If you arent watching for SHTF to show up at anytime, you might get caught off guard when it does!

Diamondback DB10 .308 Range Review

Come out to the range with me to shoot the Diamondback DB10 .308 with Burnt Bronze finish. This rifle is a budget AR10 style rifle that seems to shoot well and function properly. As a prepper, you never fully trust your gear!  I will be back quite often to test this things accuracy, reliability and SHTF capabilities. I have a Primary Arms 1-6x24 FFP ACSS optic mounted on the rifle currently in a basic DMR set up.

Economic Collapse 2020

Will the Economic Collapse Happen Soon? I think so! 2020 is going to be a crazy year for the economy and more! As a SHTF prepper, make sure you keep your eye on the possible economic collapse as it is one of the greatest threats to our survival in existence! When will the economic collapse occur? I don't know, but I know it will someday. 

Sig Sauer P365 Mini Wing Holster Review

A review video about the Sig Sauer Mini Wing Inside the Waistband Everyday Carry Holster. I also show you how to convert it to an appendix carry holster and how well it conceals with different magazine lengths. Prepper has to carry right?

World War III Now!

If you are a SHTF prepper, then the idea of World War III should definitely concern you!!! Is WW3 starting right now? Is World War 3 a real threat!? Check out this video to find out!

Sig Sauer P365 NRA Special Edition (Lipsys)

Just picked up a Sig Sauer P365 NRA Special Edition from my LGS! Come unbox it with me and see what you get if you want to pick one up too! For CCW and EDC, you really can't beat it. Even if SHTF occurred, I wouldn't feel unprepared with this awesome micro 9mm.

Bug Out Bag WROL Edition

A video about my Big Time Bug Out Bag for SHTF! This is the one where if I need to leave the house for my bug out location, I'm grabbing this pack! Every prepper knows they need a bug out bag but, what's in yours? Let me know what kind of survival gear or prepper items you keep in your bug out kit in case of TEOTWAWKI!

First Video Ever, EDC Pocket Dump

This video is an introduction to the channel as well as a stereotypical EDC Pocket Dump with gear review.

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