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Here you'll find all the videos that Magic Prepper has produced. The content revolves around gear reviews, everyday carry, survival prepping for SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, Apocalypse, Disaster, Grid Down, Societal Collapse. War, Food Shortages & more.

Sig Sauer P365 First Shots Range Day

Come along with me for a Range Day Review of the Sig Sauer P365 NRA Edition Micro 9mm pistol. You'll get to see the very first shots out of this cool little gun and whether or not it operates correctly! Let's just say, in SHTF, I wouldn't mind having one of these handguns on me! I give it an A on the prepper firearm scale.

Prepper Home Defense Options

Prepper home defense options for SHTF or even just a regular old break in. I am a firm believer that a modern double stack 9mm pistol is the best option for home defense with a 12 gauge pump action shotgun as the follow up plan. In TEOTWAWKI or SHTF, you never know what you might be defending your home from. Might as well have options!

Strategy of New Gun Laws 2019

A quick truck talk video about the current strategy behind all of the new anti gun legislation floating around right now. As a prepper, you have to defend your 2nd Amendment rights. Without the right to own firearms, how can you defend yourself properly in SHTF? Let's discuss.

Ammo Can Organizer Fail

So I bought a MTM Ammo Can Organizer for my 50 CAL ammo can. I am not impressed. I wanted it for my firearms cleaning kit and it did not make me happy! For SHTF, a prepper needs what a prepper needs!

Best SHTF Holsters

A discussion about the best kind of holsters for SHTF. If you are a prepper, you have to have the proper holster for your sidearm.

Crossbreed Holster Review

CrossBreed holsters are awesome for concealed carry and would be a great asset to have if there was ever a SHTF or grid down scenario. Keeping the grey man aspect going can become extremely important if you are worried about being targeted during a collapse. From a prepper point of view, these holsters have been excellent products and the company itself stands by them 100%.

22 Long Rifle, a Prepper Cartridge

A discussion video about why the .22lr cartridge is so important when prepping for SHTF! It's size, versatility and affordability all create a perfect storm for ammunition during TEOTWAWKI. I also discuss why the Ruger 10/22 is the best bang for your buck when it comes to a .22lr firearm. .22lr, a Prepper Cartridge.

Shooting Magic: The Gathering Cards as Targets

A video about combining two of my favorite hobbies, Magic: The Gathering and shooting guns. I have been playing Magic for as long as I have been prepping (since 1994, I was playing Magic while in the Cub Scouts). Magic: The Gathering was recently rated the most complicated game on the planet which means, in long term SHTF, there is endless entertainment that can be provided. As well as keeping a sharp mind, learning strategy and keeping up on your math, MTG and prepping can share a space easily.

Sig Sauer P365 NRA Special Edition (Lipsys)

Just picked up a Sig Sauer P365 NRA Special Edition from my LGS! Come unbox it with me and see what you get if you want to pick one up too! For CCW and EDC, you really can't beat it. Even if SHTF occurred, I wouldn't feel unprepared with this awesome micro 9mm.

Why I Became a Gun Owner

Anecdotal video about one of the events in my life that caused me to become a gun owner in the first place! As preppers, preparing for SHTF or TEOTWAWKI is all about security. Security against food shortages, starvation, the elements and of course unsavory individuals. Firearms are a right we should exercise in the preparedness community if we have the ability to. Let me know what made you a gun owner through my contact form at the bottom of the page!

Sig Sauer P365 Mini Wing Holster Review

A review video about the Sig Sauer Mini Wing Inside the Waistband Everyday Carry Holster. I also show you how to convert it to an appendix carry holster and how well it conceals with different magazine lengths. Prepper has to carry right?

Diamondback DB10 .308 Range Review

Come out to the range with me to shoot the Diamondback DB10 .308 with Burnt Bronze finish. This rifle is a budget AR10 style rifle that seems to shoot well and function properly. As a prepper, you never fully trust your gear!  I will be back quite often to test this things accuracy, reliability and SHTF capabilities. I have a Primary Arms 1-6x24 FFP ACSS optic mounted on the rifle currently in a basic DMR set up.

Infinite Loops and Gun Laws

There is a strategy that has been around for a long time that those who want to take our guns employ. That strategy is the infinite loop concept. They stack and stack gun laws on top of one another until they bounce off each other and become a shadow ban of sorts. If you are a SHTF prepper and firearms matter to you as much as they do me, please share this info and make sure we all know what the plan is.

Carrying Back Up Revolver Ammo

Video about the different ways to carry back up revolver ammo for your EDC!

Budget Biometric Gun Safe

Video Review of the Stack On PS-15-10-B Biometric Gun Safe. Solid Gun Safe!

EDC CCW S&W Model 60 Pro Series

A new video about the Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro Series. Just an overall review of one of my CCW set ups.

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